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Hello MYS Families,

Any important midweek announcements will be listed here.  Please see the main page for Weekly Schedule and Weekly announcments.


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Important Weekly Info - Final Week of Spring 2021
June 14, 2021 Hello MYS Families, On behalf of all of us on...
Fall 2021 Registration Information
Marlboro Youth Soccer Cummunity  Our Fall 2021 registrations...
Weekly Schedule
  This is the final week of Spring 2021
Field Status
Updated Wednesday 06-09-2021 all field are open Locations Status Ghiloni...
COVID-19 Restrictions Rescinded
Hello MYS Community, As of May 29th, all remaining COVID-19 restrictions...
Field Layout
Important Weekly Info - Final Week of Spring 2021

June 14, 2021

Hello MYS Families,

On behalf of all of us on the board, thank you so much to the volunteers, the Bolts, the families, and especially the players for adapting week after week to all of the changing rules. 

Here are the announcements for this final week of Spring activities.  

  1. Marlboro Youth Soccer Registration for Fall is now OPEN.  Please Register in the next few weeks so we can properly place teams, even if you opt not to pay right away.  Our League gives us a deadline of early July to place teams, so knowing at least WHO is going to play is huge in placing us in the right divisions: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Default.asp?org=marlboroyouthsoccer.org#436147
  2. There are activites Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
    A) Wednesday is the final weeknight of the Grade 1/2 Scrimmages at Ghiloni Park.  Brian and Rick will be sending information directly to these families if they haven't already.
    B) Friday is an end of season GIRLS Grade 7+ Scrimmages @ Whitcomb.  Stefan has already sent information directly to these families.
    C) Saturday is a normal Saturday schedule. See below.
  3. For Grade 3 and Higher Saturday Scrimmages, those players registered for Fall may feel free to attend, even if they did not participate this Spring.  

Thanks again for a great season,
Stefan Hudzikiewicz
Development Director

by posted 06/14/2021
Fall 2021 Registration Information

Marlboro Youth Soccer Cummunity 

Our Fall 2021 registrations are now open for all age groups and volunteers. 


For Grade 3 and above teams

  • We are planning a full return to all soccer activities, including full BAYS travel teams at all Grade 3 and above groups. 
  •  It is important that you register soon so we can reserve teams in BAYS. Once teams spots are reserved we will be unable to add additional teams if more people register. 
  • The deadline for registering is 6/30/2021 to avoid late fees,  avoid automatic waitlisting, and give us enough time to plan rosters and get teams registered 

For our In Town Kindergarten through Grade 2 programs

  • We are planning a full return to team based play
  • Please register early to avoid late fees and potential waitlisting. 


For all programs, we need volunteers.   Marlboro Youth Soccer is an entirely volunteer run program, it is through your volunteering that we are able to run programs.  We need coaches, assistant coaches and board members to fill a variety of positions. We need referees if you have knowledge of the game and would like to become a referee. Get some exercise, fresh air and get paid as well. Without volunteers the kids don't get to play and the people who you saw at nearly every event this season will not be able to do that moving forward. So we need help. 


To register, visit the registration page.

  • For detailed information about our registration policies click here.
  • If you have any questions or issues registering please email the Registrar at


Comunidade de Futebol de Marlborough

Estâo abertas as incricoes para o programa de futebol para outono de 2021


Para crianças a partir da Terceira série:

  • Estamos planejando voltar completa atividades de futbel e de competeçoes em outras cidades, incluibdo BAYS para crianças a partir da Terçeira série.
  • E muito importante que voçê registre seu filho/filha o mais rápido possivel para que se possa reservar os times do BAYS. Se voçe nâo fizer o registro com antecedençia nao vai ser possivel adicionar seu filho/filha pra jogar nos times que vâo jogar em outras cidades.
  • O ultimo dia para registrar seu filho/filha e 30/06/2021 9 ( dia 30 de junho de 2021). Se registrar depois dessa data vai ter multa, e sua criança pode ficar na lista de espera. Além de que se voçe registrar seu filho/filha com antecedênçia Podemos organizer os times.


Para crianças de Pre-Escolar ate a segunda série:

  • Estamos planejando voltar com completo programa no outono.
  • Por favor register seu filho o mais rapido possivel para evitar multas e lista de espera.



Para todos os programas precisamos de voluntários. Nosso programa e inteiramente feito por volunatários. Se nâo tivermos volunatrios nâo poderemos continuar a oferecer esse programa. Precisamos de treinadores, assistentes de treinadores e membros para varias posiçôes pra mesa do conselho de futebol de Marlborough. Precisamos de Juizes, bandeirinhas, se voçe tiver esperiência  voçê pode se inscrever pra ser Juiz de futebol e bandeirinha. Voçê vai se exercitar, e ser pago pra isso.

Sem voluntários seus filhos e filhas nâo poderam jogar. E as crianças que ja jogam a anos para cidade de Marlboro nâo iram continuar jogando e ganhando experiênçia.


Para registar, vá até a pagina deinscriçâo na internet do Marlbourough Youth Soccer

  • Se tiver alguma pergunta ou problemas com a inscricao por favor mande um email para
  • registration@marlboroyouthsoccer.org


Comunidad de Futbol Soccer de Marlboro


Nuestra registracion para el otoño 2021 esta abierta para todas las edades y para voluntarios.


Para los equipos  del 3rd grado en adelante

  • Estamos planeando un regreso por complete a las actividades de futbol soccer, incluyendo BAYS equipos que viajan , para los grados de 3rd en adelante.
  • Es importante que se registren lo mas pronto possible para reservar los eqipos en BAYS. Una vez que los equipos esten reservados ya no se podra agregar mas equipos.
  • La fecha limite es el 30 de Junio del 2021 para evitar lista de espera, cargos addicionales, y para poder planear la lista para registrar los equipos. 

Para el programa de kider a 2nd grado, de la ciudad 

  • Estamos planeando el regreso completo del juego.
  • Registrarse temprano para evitar la lista de espera y cargos addicionales.

Para todos los programas necesitamos voluntarios. Marlborough Youth Soccer esta dirijido por completo por voluntaries. Gracias a nuestros voluntaries Podemos seguir con el programa. Estamos necesitando entrenadores, assistentes del entrenador y miembros para llenar varias posiciones. Necesitamos arbitros si usted tiene conocimiento del juego y le gustaria ser arbitro. Es Buena opportunidad para ejercitarse al aire libre y recibir pago.  Sin los voluntarios los niños no tendran la opportunidad de jugar y de ver a la gente que esta presente en todos los juegos. Necesitamos su ayuda


Para registrarse, visite nuestra pagina registration page.

•    Para detalles e informacion sobre nuestra registracion click here.

•    Si tiene preguntas o asuntos por favor mandar un correo electronico a Registrar at registration@marlboroyouthsoccer.org"

by posted 06/14/2021
Weekly Schedule

Week 11 Schedule - June 14 - June 20


This is the final week of Spring 2021

by posted 06/13/2021
Field Status

Updated Wednesday 06-09-2021 all field are open

Locations Status
Ghiloni Front 1 (G5/6) Open
Ghiloni Front 2 (G3/4) Open
Ghiloni Front 3 (G3/4) Open
Hillside (Clinics) Open
Byrne (G8/HS) Open
Whitcomb Turf (G8/HS) Open


Simple rules of thumb:

  1. The City can close the fields or leave it to the MYS discretion. 
  2. If left to MYS:
  • Weekdays - Status is updated on the website by 3pm.
  • Weekends - Early Games - Status is updated by 7am for all games before 12:00 noon.
  • Weekends - Afternoon Games - Status is updated by 11am for all games at or after 12:00 noon. 
  1. Coaches and Referees may also cancel events if:
     - the weather turns bad
     - there are puddles / standing water in multiple areas on your field
     - otherwise unsafe conditions.

  2. Click here for the full Field Status Process


by posted 06/12/2021
COVID-19 Restrictions Rescinded

Hello MYS Community,

As of May 29th, all remaining COVID-19 restrictions in the Commonwealth of MA have been rescinded. In place of restrictions, the Department of Public Health has issued a new mask advisory consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's updated guidance. Masks are no longer required for players, coaches, referees, and spectators participating in Marlboro Youth Soccer activities. Social distancing requirements are also lifted.

Marlboro Youth Soccer will continue to take attendance at all activities, and support all contact tracing initiatives of the City of Marlborough Board of Health. MYS also fully supports families who choose to continue to wear masks and/or maintain social distancing in their own families' best interests. We will continue to use cones to mark out 6-foot spaces on the players' sidelines at all activities for the remainder of the season. Use of these "COVID cones" is completely optional, and we expect that our entire community will respect anyone's wishes to keep distance from others.

Thanks so much for your attention to all of our COVID protocols over the course of this difficult season. It's been truly rewarding to see our whole community come together to provide a safe environment for our kids to learn the game of soccer and, frankly, get to act like kids again! Let's enjoy these last few weeks of the Spring season together, and build upon our success for the Fall!


Brian DuPont - VP, COVID-19 Compliance Officer, Risk Manager, Grade 2 Director
Marlboro Youth Soccer


by posted 06/02/2021
Field Layout

Field Layout for Spring 2021



by posted 04/12/2021
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